dollar store finds can ease travel

Dollar Store Finds to Make Travel Easier

NightLight dollar store finds

Over the course of the years, as we have been roaming the state for, we have found there are things we need at our hotel room. To be honest, we have picked up more than a few of them at the Dollar Store. Many of these items have proved to be quite handy and the best part is, if we forget to bring them along or they break, we can find another quite easily for just a buck. Here are some Dollar Store Finds we found to make our travel easier.

The Night Light

It all started with a simple night light. Many of the places we stay have either blinding lights or no lights at all when you have to get up in the middle of the night. Face it, these are not your natural surroundings and you are disoriented by sleep.

At the Dollar Store, we found night lights that are light sensitive, so they only come on at night. They provide plenty of illumination and are not invasive when it comes to bedding down for the night.

However, there are hotels that have the commode and shower in their own separate room. Most of the time, these rooms do not have an electric socket. Never fear, the Dollar Store has battery-operated candles that suffice.From the votives to the stick-style candles, you can switch them on and they will give enough light to find your way around a dark room.

The Folding Toothbrush

We also found these great little folding toothbrushes for a dollar. They fold in half, much like a pocket knife. They take up virtually no room in our travel basket and they are durable. In fact, our originals are still in use (although we have picked up a couple of back-ups for when these finally give it up).

The Multi-Plug

When we travel there never seem to be enough electric outlets. We started by picking up a 3-socket multi plug at the Dollar Store. Later, we saw they carried 3-foot extension cords with a multi plug at the end. These have been quite handy, as they reach from the socket to the top of the bedside table. There, we can plug in our diffuser, phone chargers or anything else we need. Again, these are so easy to carry, we actually have a couple in our travel bag.

A Snow Brush and Scraper

I know, what could somebody in Florida want with a snow brush? We purchased one and found that for a dollar, it has been great to sweep sand out of the back of the car. After a day at the beach, this thing is worth its weight in gold. Moreover, my wife says it’s great for brushing off sandy shoes before you even get inside the vehicle. I will report back later on how the scraper works on Love Bugs.

Distilled or Purified Water

WaterBottle dollar store finds

You can get a gallon of distilled or purified water at the Dollar Store or grocery mart. It is well worth the expense to use it in your coffee maker at the hotel room. You will be surprised and delighted at how much better it tastes than if you use the tap water provided at your lodging.

Those are just some of the items that can make travel easier and more enjoyable for just a dollar. And there are more. We didn’t even get into the supplies you can pick up for your first aid kit, your traveling tool box and games for the kids to play while in transit. Not to mention things like emergency sunglasses, hair ties and batteries.

The Dollar Store may not be the end-all for quality, however, there are many interesting finds you can pick up and use during your trip that will make it easier, more fun and might even help you prevent disaster.

Photos from Barry Foster and Florida Fun Travel Club Facebook page.

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