No business is alone in facing the challenges of COVID-19. All companies address changing environments in their own way, and SmokeRhino is definitely a success story of innovation and a great example of being aware of the community’s needs. Our company owner, Manuel Rebecchi started working on the changes atContinue Reading


For the first time in my days of driving, I was lucky to have a flat tire! Limped in to see if Reese’s Chevron could fix it quickly since I had timelines that day…they told me to come back in an hour. I walked down Main Street and found AvlíContinue Reading


If you are peeking out your windows and considering making the move from couch to car, we have a fun, peaceful, and socially distanced event for you to consider. Sunflowers at Hunsader Farms! Picture, if you will, this: Gentle sounds of playful birds as they seem to lazily discuss theContinue Reading