Kettle of Fish Productions and Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse present Kettle-Palooza 2020 this Sunday May 10th at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse starting at 1pm. Kettle of Fish is performing seven 45 minute sets of some of their favorite bands, including Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers, the Rolling Stones, the Band, the Grateful Dead, JimiContinue Reading


Grant Peeples is a compelling and gritty performer; his fresh, honest, incisive, and eloquent songs command your attention. He’s an original writer with a strong political awareness, writing for the little guys downtrodden by the world in the rush for ever greater prosperity. Grant Peeples will perform a virtual concertContinue Reading


What I really do… …is a concept I have entertained from time to time. Making a living playing music on a beach, a boat and a patio for visitors from across the nation and around the world, gives me the chance to speak with a lot of people. I meetContinue Reading