In the past, people have thought of a “staycation,” as a stay-at-home affair. Hang around the house and maybe take a day trip or two. Not anymore. The folks from VisitFlorida are re-defining the word. Staycation now means a vacation in Florida. After all, Florida is our home – andContinue Reading


Over the course of the years, as we have been roaming the state for floridafuntravel.com, we have found there are things we need at our hotel room. To be honest, we have picked up more than a few of them at the Dollar Store. Many of these items have provedContinue Reading


As in-state tourists, we do a lot of traveling around Florida. It has taken a while, but we have developed a method of travel that’s a bit more laid back than when I was growing up. When I was a youngster we generally would load up the car, then myContinue Reading