Let’s face it, dating in a pandemic when everyone is required to be socially distanced and wearing masks, and when a lot of businesses are still closed, it is tough. Depending on where you live, restrictions might be really strict, and that limits your options even more. So, what areContinue Reading


Wearing a mask is a topic – a national conversation, and undoubtedly, this issue is pertinent to us on the Suncoast. What saddens me is the polarization mask/face covering provokes at a time in which we must all consider one another as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, coupled with the staggeringContinue Reading


The V Foundation for Cancer Research, a top-rated cancer research charity, and ESPN Hall of Fame Sportscaster Dick Vitale announce the 15th Annual Dick Vitale Gala, “Passion 4 Pediatrics,” in conjunction with Vitale’s year-round fundraising, raised more than $7.4 million for pediatric cancer research, bringing the total raised over the pastContinue Reading


Many people these days have heard of CBD even if they have never tried it for themselves. Over the past few years, increased research has revealed that CBD can provide many benefits, and because of increased awareness, more and more people have tried CBD products. In addition, many states haveContinue Reading


Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. We’ve probably all heard that theory by now – and it certainly holds merit to a large degree. Of course, we’re all individuals. Some more than others, are particularly headstrong and unshakeable inContinue Reading


My very dear friend, Bob Slicker is the General Manager of one of the best restaurants on the Florida Suncoast, The Swordfish Grill & Tiki in Cortez, Florida.  He like many other restaurants and businesses are struggling to survive.  Bob Slicker has been there for me through thick and thinContinue Reading