There’s only one road to Cedar Key, which might be why it’s off the beaten path … except on weekends and in season when the village’s population swells to overload and tourists crowd Dock Street. Stuffed SUVs and big boat-pulling trucks come and go from the popular Old Florida vacationContinue Reading


There are certain smells, sounds, tastes, and moments that belong only to summer.  Even for those living in Florida, never really getting to experience four distinct seasons and often feeling like every day is like summer, the actual season of summer is special.  Maybe it is because, as kids itContinue Reading


It was all over the news this morning.  Michelle Obama came out and said she has “low-grade depression.”  That’s right, the former First Lady of the United States” came clean!  I watched the segment about her on the “Today Show” and it’s all over the tabloids.  She says “racial inequalityContinue Reading


In this upside-down COVID world we are living in, where being negative is really considered positive, and being positive is now just bad, there is one tool that is assisting those of us with a panic-stricken look on our face: The mask. I am not here to discuss whether youContinue Reading


As we approach the dog days and afternoon thunderstorm only make us steamier, here’s an alternative to throwing a Christmas in July party. Beat the heat by imagining a season so cold, it changed the agricultural landscape of our state. My “See Florida Now” journey led me to Sanford.  IContinue Reading


Tidewell Hospice remains committed to serving families with quality care and continuing services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite challenges brought on by the halting of traditional in-person engagements, they are innovating to help. Tidewell was able to get creative in bringing its Blue Butterfly Family Grief Center services to itsContinue Reading


But many special places exist in-between the giant Selby Gardens or Ringling grounds; places that we travel past every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a nice leisurely ride to some of the lesser known, yet incredibly special places that Sarasota offers?