Top 5 Casinos In Florida

Like most states in the country, Florida offers many casinos for players to enjoy gambling. Each of these casinos has its own share of benefits for players. Yet, some offer state-of-the-art gaming experiences to players. This makes them stand out from the rest.

As a player, you may wonder which is the best casino to try your luck in Florida. Entering any casino can be quite detrimental if you’re unfamiliar with it. With that, this guide provides great insights into some of the best casinos in Florida where you can’t resist placing your bet. Here are the top 5 casinos in Florida to gamble in.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

The casino is located about nine miles from Flamingo Gardens and eight miles from John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. It offers music-themed rooms with a spacious hotel and casino area. Conveniently, it also has six restaurants, a fast-food court, and nine bars. Also, the casino offers a lagoon-style pool with rock features, a waterfall, and cabanas.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino offers great bonuses to new players and a range of promotions. More so, it has multiple casino games spread over its 245,000 square-feet gaming space. Some games available include slots, table games, and live-action poker. Here, you’ll also enjoy the greatest pieces of hard rock music memorabilia.

Magic City Casino

If you’re into the most exciting and unique slots in Florida, then head to Magic City Casino. It’s located in Miami, and it is the oldest casino in the city. More so, it packs a huge list of dining options, concert line-ups, and LIVE Summer Jai-Alai. The best part is that Magic City Casino is the first gameplay floor to offer Las Vegas casino gaming style.

This means players get close to the Las Vegas gambling experience when playing at Magic City. Besides, you get to enjoy a wide range of games coupled with exciting promotions. These include electrical table games, royal reels and endless slots.

Dania Jai-Alai

This is one of the newest casinos in Broward County in Florida. Dania Jai-Alai features over 750 slot machines and 21 table card room. Moreover, players get to enjoy a wide range of nationally recognized artists and musicians. The casino features a sports bar, various dining options, and a live Jai-Alai. Besides, the environment is friendly and ideal for gaming.

The staff are professional and ensure players get the best experience in the casino. While here, you also get to enjoy the sea. With a six-decade history, you’ll find everything a casino offers here. You can cheer on other players, place bets and even pick your preferred winners.

The Big Easy

Established in 1934, this is another must-visit casino in Florida. The Big Easy is located in Hallandale Beach and features over 900 slot machines. Other popular games include free to enter poker tournaments, virtual table machines and nightly entertainment.

Furthermore, The Big Easy Casino offers both high and low limit tables, making it ideal for both beginners and pros. Whether you’re a casino enthusiast or a newbie, Big Easy Casino is where to be when you visit Florida.

Victory Casino Cruises

With over 40,000 sq. feet of casino floor, Victory Casino Cruises is the place to place your bet in Florida. Generally, you spend time on a cruise ship gambling. The casino has over 600 slot machines. It also includes a selection of casinos game categories.

Victory Casino Cruises has five bars onboard, two dining rooms, 27 LIVE casino gaming tables and sails daily, twice a day. When playing, you earn reward points which make you qualify for special offers, promotions and gifts.


Above are some of Florida’s best casinos to gamble and win real money, similar to Platin casino. However, Florida isn’t just about casinos there’s more to explore and enjoy your stay in the state of Florida.

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