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Dreams Are Free School

Dreams Are Free – Student Essays

| Sande Caplin |

The students at “Dreams Are Free” Catholic School in Sarasota, FL were asked to write about their school! 

Here are a bunch of great stories written by great kids!

Dreams Are Free gives me a special education that helps me accomplish my dreams for the future. After coming to this school in first grade, I am more social and lively person; that will help me later in life.  Dreams Are Free helps me in Language Arts, so that I can communicate my ideas through writing.  Dreams Are Free helps me accomplish my dreams.  
William, age 13

I am excited to learn at Dreams Are Free. In Social Studies, I want to learn about back in the old day.  I would like to learn about volcanoes in Science class.  In Religion class, I learned Jesus died on the cross. I like to learn with my friends and be nice to them.  Dreams is a great place to learn with my friends!
Lexi, age  13

I like school because I love Spanish class. Also, I like the school’s mission.  The teachers at Dreams Are Free are nice and smart.  The school has computers and they help me learn and are fun to use. At Dreams I like to learn about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  

Dreams Are Free helps me learn. I would like to learn math because it would be fun to learn times.  I would also like to learn Spanish because I want to learn to talk to others that don’t speak English.  I read everyday to be a better reader.  I practice typing on computers to learn how to type faster and be a better writer.  I want to learn everything to be a better learner.  
Phillip, age 10

I like Dreams because it has nice teachers and students. Also, I get to do karate every Thursday.  I like to see my friends at before care. I also like the computer lab because it is fun to type on the computer.  
Ava, age 9

I like Dreams are Free Catholic School because I feel like I belong there.  The teachers and principal are very nice and understand me.  I like my friends and they accept me just the way I am. Dreams Are Free Catholic School is for me.  
Michael, age 10

I am excited to learn all the new things at Dreams Are Free.  I want to learn all the musical instruments. I want to learn on Brain Pop, why do volcanoes erupt? Why do computers get viruses is another thing I want to learn.  I want to learn how Michael Jackson’s voice got so good because I want my voice to be good like his.  Those are all the things I want to learn.
Carrie, age 9

I want to learn at Dreams Are Free.  I want to learn about black hole and supernovas.  I like the playground. I like the dome.  I like to come to Dreams Are Free.
Aiden, age 6

At Dreams Are Free Catholic School, the teachers make learning awesome. How they make learning great is that they make learning interesting.  The teachers make the learning process easy.  They don’t put pressure on us.  That’s the reason why I like Dreams Are Free.  
Anthony, age 12

Dreams Are Free makes learning helpful and fun.  They do fun activities sometimes.  Sometimes these activities are surprises. So look for surprises. We do Mass at Dreams Are Free Catholic School, for a half an hour.  We trust, believe and care about God.  We have resource, Speech and Occupational Therapy.  My name is Andrew and I love Dreams Are Free Catholic School at Bishop Nevins Academy.  So come to Dreams Are Free Catholic School.
Andrew, age 11

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