The Spy Who Dumped Me – Multiple Personality Review – No Spoilers

The Spy Who Dumped Me is the new action, comedy starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. They play two best friends who get entangled in a mystery after they discover one of their ex-boyfriends was an international spy. The film is meant to be a satire of the Bond films, similar to what Austin Powers did with much better success two decades ago. The film is not without its laughs, however they come from random dialogue that could be in any screwball comedy. There was nothing inherently funny in regards to the spy aspects of the film. The humor comes off as comedic relief to ease the burden of a crappy comedy movie.

With a nearly two hour runtime, there is not enough action in this action-comedy to exit the audience. There are moments, like the car chase through the streets of Vienna, but once that scene ended, so did all of the excitement the movie had to offer.

Even the A-list power of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon couldn’t save this film. Their acting was horrible and their humor never caused more than a few chuckles. Kate McKinnon is a star on Saturday Night Live, but she really needs to try to break the stereotype she’s been pigeon-holed into.

Whose Review gives The Spy Who Dumped Me the overall rating of: Wait for the Blu-Ray. There’s really no way that an audience can enjoy the film, but if someone wanted to attempt to watch it, at least they could stop the disc when they inevitably get bored.

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