The Predator – Multiple Personality Movie Review

“Get to the choppa!” It’s a classic line from the original Predator. So of course the filmmakers made a callback to it in this newest version and it represents exactly what this movie is… a nostalgia ripoff. Nothing in The Predator made sense. In fact, at one point one character literally explains the plot to another character in order to help the audience understand what is happening. It’s obvious to anyone watching that no one involved in this project wanted to make this movie. There are several scenes when the characters meta-reference the title of the movie not making sense. Saying the creatures aren’t predators, they are hunters. Insulting the movie’s title and the audience for enjoying said title.

For people unfamiliar with the Predator franchise, it’s about a species of alien that comes to Earth to hunt humans for sport. That’s about all there is to it. This movie attempts to make it more and does a horrible job with it.

The movie starts off with a space ship escaping another ship before crashing to Earth. Quinn, the main character, is an Army sniper in the woods when the Predator craft lands. The nameless bad guy, played by Sterling K. Brown, works to cover up the alien landing. He sends Quinn off to a mental institution and on the bus Quinn meets the main, quirky cast of characters that handle the rest of the movie’s plot. The cast on the bus includes Thomas Jane, Keegan-Michael Key, and Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones.

Most of the movie is an Army alien conspiracy film, which doesn’t work, however, when the Predator combat finally kicks in toward the end, the movie is action packed and a great blockbuster.

Whose Review gives The Predator the overall rating of… Iron Predator. This movie had no identity. It couldn’t tell if it wanted to be a reboot of the franchise, a sequel, or a parody of the entire Predator universe. There were good action sequences, but the set ups were ridiculous. There was humor, but it was forced. There were Predators, but they were ignored for most of the movie. Director Shane Black basically made Iron Man 4, but put in enough Predator to justify the title.

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