The Nun – Multiple Personality Movie Review

The Nun is a prequel to the Conjuring franchise. They’ve already toyed with prequels before when releasing Annabelle and last year’s Annabelle: Creation. However, chronologically, the Nun takes place first. Audiences should be familiar with this demon from The Conjuring 2 as it was the main protagonist, villain, spirit, bad guy, demon, whatever the filmmakers are calling it this week.

The movie takes place mostly in The Abbey, a castle like building currently housing a covenant of Nuns whose main goal is to keep the evil within at bay via constant prayer. The location, the nuns, the demons… there were so many ways this movie could have added intense horror to really scare audiences, however, they didn’t utilize any scares at their disposal.

This film is pure jump scares, and beyond jump scares, it doesn’t really offer much for horror. There are moments of pure suspense that get ruined by a reaching hand coming out of nowhere. And there are only so many floating nuns that can be scary before it begins to feel repetitive.

Whose Review gives The Nun the overall rating of… Back in the Habit. This franchise is back in the habit of filling a movie with jump scares and calling it a horror movie. Whatever happened to terrifying people with actual movie elements? Hopefully filmmakers will return to giving audiences frightening elements that can be on screen and sustain the horror, and not rely on jump scares for a quick thrill.

Photo courtesy of Whose Review. 

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