Sorry To Bother You – Multiple Personality Movie Review – Spoilers at 1:10

Sorry To Bother You is an absurdist-comedy about a black man name Cassius Green, played by Laketih Stanfield, who succeeds in telemarketing by using his white voice. Once he realizes his natural talent, he gets promoted, leaving his friends behind, leading to several funny moments along his rise and eventual downfall. The premise is definitely promising and the first two-thirds of the movie are executed excellently by director Boots Riley, offering social satire mixed with a machiavellian tale. The concept of black men using a white voice to succeed deals with multicultural identity and race appropriation.

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The supporting cast is amazing. Danny Glover is the coworker that first tells Cassius to use his white voice, Terry Crews is Cassius’ uncle and landlord, Armie Hammer plays an eccentric capitalist, and David Cross and Patton Oswalt are the “white voices” for the characters.

It’s when the film gets to the third act that everything turns into an absurdist comedy. As Cassius is rising in the ranks and meets the corporate honcho offering him a job, played by Armie Hammer, he discovers a secret plan that comes straight out of nowhere. This third act twist will either amuse the audience or turn them off from the film completely.

One of the main problems with the absurdity of the third act is that it happens before Cassius is given his redemption. It happens at the part of the story where the audience doesn’t like who he’s become and wants him to change for the better. However, instead of the character changing, the film changes completely.

Whose Review gives Sorry to Bother You the overall rating of… Should you see it? Neigh. The movie has some great qualities about it, especially its cast. The premise is intriguing and it shows some promise, but the ending will leave audiences confused.

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