Peppermint – Multiple Personality Movie Review

Peppermint is a revenge/action movie starring Jennifer Gardner as Riley North, a woman whose husband and daughter are brutally gunned down by gang members for very superficial reasons. Riley goes to court when the gang members are caught, but a corrupt system let’s them free. Riley then disappears for five years before coming back to seek her revenge. It’s the same cliché revenge storyline that’s most memorable from The Punish comics and movies and most recently, 2018’s Death Wish starring Bruce Willis.

Peppermint had an opportunity to deliver some really good action and suspense sequences. Yes, the revenge plot has been done hundreds of times, but it’s a tried and true winner for Hollywood, and the filmmakers still managed to mess it up. The action sequences which are most crucial to the storyline are not shown and every sequence that is shown is ruined with slow motion, quick cuts, or bad fight choreography.

This movie did everything wrong; from beginning to end. The flashback at the start is pointless. The sequence setting up her family life is overdrawn. The audience doesn’t get to see the deaths of the actual killers, so there is no catharsis. The bad guys are stereotypical Mexican gang members, except they never speak Spanish. The “twists” are laughably dumb. And worst of all… there is no reason why this movie is called Peppermint! Yes, the daughter orders peppermint ice cream, but that’s the only reference to it at all! The filmmakers should have just called this movie what it truly was: Punish-Her.

Whose Review gives Peppermint the overall rating of… Punish-Mint. This movie failed in so many ways and not the least of which because it was a female Punisher ripoff. The storyline was predicable and full of clichés and the characters were one dimensional stereotypes which gave the actors nothing to work with. In the end, it didn’t feel like Peppermint punished the bad guys as much as it punished the audience.

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