Operation Finale – Multiple Personality Movie Review

Operation Finale tells the true story of a team of Israeli agents that go to Argentina to track down Adolf Eichmann, one of the Nazi architects of the final solution. There are some great moments of suspense in the film, starting with the opening sequence showing Oscar Isaac, who plays Peter, tracking down a Nazi in Austria and leading all the way to the ending with getting Eichmann out of Argentina.

To say that Operation Finale is an intense thriller would not make sense though, as most of the movie is a drama between Peter and Eichmann, plated by Ben Kingsley. The two men are trapped in a warehouse in Argentina and they spend most of the movie going over the past.

Even during the long discussion scenes, there are brief moments of suspense. Will the agents kill Eichmann before bringing him back to Israel? Will the agents get caught by the Nazi sympathizers in Argentina? However, there aren’t quite enough of these moments to hold the suspense throughout the movie’s runtime.

The biggest flaw of the film though is its length; running over two hours long. If the filmmakers had cut about twenty minutes out, it would’ve been a much better film.

Whose Review gives Operation Finale the overall score of… A History Channel M-O-W. There’s nothing to the movie that makes it a must see, even though it was engaging and did show a piece of history that many people may not know. The directing is decent and the acting by Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley is great, however the story drags too much and could probably have been edited down for a shorter runtime. It definitely feels like something that would air as a History Channel Movie of the Week.

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