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Mission Impossible:Fallout – Multiple Personality Review – No Spoilers

| Laura Bell Adams |

Mission Impossible: Fallout is the latest installment in the action franchise and for fans of the series and action movies in general, it does not disappoint. Fallout picks up where Rogue Nation left off, which is a big difference for the series. The rest of the films had their through lines and similar characters, but this one felt a lot more like a direct sequel. The story focuses on the same villain from Rogue Nation: Solomon Lane, played by Sean Harris. After capturing him in the last movie, now Ethan Hunt and the IMF team must help him escape in order to trade him for some stolen plutonium before its turned into a nuclear weapon.

Considering this is a franchise known for its big action stunts, there were actually a lot of moments that felt more like the traditional espionage thrills that the original TV show was known for. Out of all of the movies in the franchise, this one actually felt like the modern version of the TV show. It had twists and turns, spies lying to spies, and of course lots of rubber mask reveals.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t action, because there was a ton of it. A lot of movies have action, but the Mission Impossible movies are special because of the real life stunts. There’s not as much CGI and green screen. So the action feels that much more intense when you know its real. There are some slower “tension building” parts, but those just help build up the action scenes.

All of the filming elements are very well done, especially the directing of the action. The surprise is that the acting and character development are also very well done for an action film.

Whose Review gives Mission Impossible: Fallout the overall score of… Miss It? Impossible. This film is filled with action and since Tom Cruise does all of his own stunts, it makes it that much more thrilling. While there are more connections to the previous films in Fallout than in other installments, there are enough explanations throughout to inform casual audience goers of what’s going on. It’s a summer blockbuster that reminds you of why action movies are cool.

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Photo courtesy of Mission Impossible:Fallout

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