Mile 22 – Multiple Personality Movie Review

Marky Mark is back for this adrenaline rush of a movie. Mile 22 is about an American intelligence officer, played by Mark Wahlberg, who must smuggle a mysterious police officer out of the country with the help of his elite squad. The small squad has to get the police officer to an airplane that is a 22 mile drive away while everyone and their mom is trying to kill him. supposedly, once he gets on the plane, he will give a code needed to locate incredibly powerful, Hiroshima level explosive powder material. The squad also includes some other familiar faces, including Ronda Rousey and The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan.

The movie is action packed and filled with suspense as the squad struggles to accomplish their mission. There are guns, car chases, explosions, people getting shot, more guns, grenades, and more explosions. One downside to the suspense is that the audience already knows that Mark Wahlberg’s character is going to survive as you see him in the beginning giving an official statement on results the 22 mile ordeal. That opening sequences wasn’t necessary and it only hurt the suspense that could have been added to the movie.

Mark Wahlberg is excellent in movies where he is asked to play a hard nosed hero and this movie gives him the opportunity to excel at what he is good at. The film is directed and produced by Peter Berg who produced Lone Survivor, which also starred Mark Wahlberg.

Whose Review gives Mile 22 the overall rating of… Stop Feeding Us. This was a good movie where the twist was forced down the audience’s throats before the 22 mile attempt even began. Filmmakers need to stop forcing blatant foreshadowing early on in their movies, as it is happening way too often now, and becoming a predictable story trope.

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