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Incredibles 2 – Multiple Personality Movie Review – No Spoilers

| Sande Caplin |

Incredibles 2 is the follow-up to the successful Disney • Pixar film about a family of superheroes that must save the world from evil villains. The film brings back most of the fan-favorite characters from the original while adding new characters to shake things up.

Just like the original, the story focuses on the Parr family and their struggles to survive, literally and figuratively. Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone are approached by a new character, Winston Deavor, a media mogul that wants to improve superheroes image in the world and make them legal again. Winston’s plan focuses on Elastigirl being the face of superheroes, leaving Mr. Incredible to face the ultimate task of taking care of the kids at home. The movie succeeds best when it diverts from the traditional superhero movie elements and shows the Parr family dealing with everyday struggles, like parenthood and high school romances.

Baby Jack-Jack, the Parr’s infant son, steals the show in every scene he is in, especially when he’s discovering his special powers and while mimicking Edna Mode. The best scene of all is a fight sequence between Jack-Jack and a raccoon that was so entertaining that it could have easily been one of the opening short films.

The main villain this time around is The Screenslaver, who hypnotizes people through the use of electronic screens. His evil plan is to make superheroes look like the bad guys so that people won’t be dependent on them anymore. The Screenslaver takes control of a train, a helicopter, and a boat in a series of events that leads to some awesome action sequences throughout the film. One note when it comes to the hypnosis elements of the film, especially when flashing lights are involved, is that it may bother some audience members’ eyes, especially if they are prone to epilepsy.

Except for the Toy Story franchise, which only got stronger with each film, Pixar sequels have always been rather lackluster. Incredibles 2 does a better job than other sequels at recapturing the magic of the original, but it’s still not peak Pixar. The main problem is the overabundance of superhero movies that hit theaters year in and year out.

Whose Review gives Incredibles 2 the overall score of Parr for the course. Pixar delivers once again with a heartwarming and action-packed story that will entertain audiences of all ages. However, a lot has changed in the movie landscape since the original came out in 2004 and superhero movies pretty much come out every week. So, while Incredibles 2 is entertaining, sadly, it doesn’t feel special like the original did, it feels like more of the same.

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