Halloween – Multiple Personality Movie Review

Halloween follows the same timeline of the franchise focusing on grandma Jaime Lee Curtis, who is viewed as mentally ill by her family after she has done everything in her power to prep her and her family for if/when Michael breaks out of prison. And of course Michael breaks out, proving her right all along.

Jaime Lee Curtis is the only thing going for this movie. After forty years of waiting to make a proper sequel, the filmmakers should have gone above and beyond to capture the interest of the old fans and a new audience. Instead, it was the same Michael Myers walking very slow and killing people in a usually boring fashion.

The original film had elements that would scare audiences of the seventies. It has become a little dated, but it still holds up during some parts. The new one forgot to add any horror. There are no traditional story elements or character arc. There are no jump scares or even horrifying scares. The entire thing is just plain boring.

Even when it came to the action and the death scenes of the characters, there was nothing to excite an audience. The action wasn’t thrilling and the deaths were just as boring as the slowly creeping Michael Myers.

Whose Review gives Halloween the overall rating of Boooooooo. The original was known for its insanely low budget and it looks like they kept up the trend with most of the actors in this one. There were so many choices the characters made that were just plain stupid and not realistic in the slightest. Sure that’s the epitome of most slasher films, but Halloween is all about being plausible to increase the fear factor.

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