Deadpool 2 – Multiple Personality Movie Review – No Spoilers

The not-so-cleverly titled Deadpool 2 is the sequel to 2016’s R-rated superhero hit Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with the Mouth superhero. This time around, the filmmakers upped the shock value, making everything raunchier and gorier than the previous film. There are lots of sexual jokes, lots of decapitations, and someone even gets shredded in a wood chipper. It definitely gets rough, but it’s a funny rough.

A lot of the humor comes from pop culture references and inside jokes. From the very opening references to Logan, to the post credit sequence that references the entire Ryan Reynolds superhero timeline, this movie was filled with meta jokes: Josh Brolin as Thanos, Josh Brolin in Goonies, and the DC Universe just to name a few.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play this part. For most of the movie, he’s not even really acting. His natural charisma and comedic smugness is everything that makes Deadpool amazing. Most of the movie, especially the first half, is filled with the Ryan Reynolds R rated comedy dialogue schtick we’ve seen him do numerous times before especially the first Deadpool and Van Wilder.

The movie was all over the place with action. An opening flashback sequence recapping Deadpool’s mercenary jobs had some of the most awesome fights in any superhero movie. And once all of the main characters are established and start the rescue mission to save Russell, the action is non-stop. Domino has some of the best action sequences with how they incorporate her super power of luck into it.

The biggest drawback of the film is its length. After 2 hours of pop culture references and fourth wall breaks it all becomes a little repetitive, but if you’re a fan of Deadpool, the more the merrier.

We here at Whose Review give Deadpool 2 the overall rating of Triple X-Men. Not that it’s pornographic, but it definitely deserves its R rating. There are more F bombs, sexual innuendos, and graphic violence than even the first Deadpool. It’s all done with the intention of a laugh and sometimes it’s hilarious, but sometimes it’s just meh. If you love the Merc with the Mouth, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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