Christopher Robin – Multiple Personality Review – No Spoilers

Christopher Robin is a modern interpretation of the classic A. A. Milne characters where Christopher Robin is all grown up. The movie is really only enjoyable because of one thing: Winnie the Pooh. Every single second with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Owl are great. Everything else that happens in the movie is boring and pointless. The film starts off with the standard mid-life crisis movie elements. Christopher Robin has a miserable job that drives a wedge between him and his family. Then Pooh arrives to save the day and the movie takes a forty minute detour losing any aspects of a story. Christopher Robin and Pooh are looking for the other lost characters in the Hundred Acre woods, but it feels more like the writer was lost and didn’t know what to do with the story because nothing happens the entire time.

Once all of the characters are found, Christopher Robin returns to London, but he left his important work papers behind. The second part of the film tries to have some tension with Pooh and the gang trying to get Christopher Robin his papers, but really it just feels forced. The filmmakers had to give them some kind of an adventure to go on, but unfortunately all of the obstacles in their way are solved way too easily.

One element that must be noted is the film’s fantastic visual effects. The details on all of the characters made them feel truly lifelike, which helped make them lovable. With such great talent on and off screen, it’s really too bad they couldn’t have done more with the story to make this movie worth seeing.

Whose Review gives Christopher Robin the overall score of: Oh Bother. There was a lot in the film for kids and adults to love, however, the slow, melancholy of the first half of the film drags the entire film down and doesn’t let it recover. The nostalgia and lovability of Pooh and the gang will grab audience’s attention, but not long enough to warrant seeing it in the theater. It’s a shame, really.

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