Blackkklansman – Multiple Personality Review

Blackkklansman is a comedy/cop drama telling the true story from the seventies where a black, undercover detective named Ron Stallworth worked with his team to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. If it sounds like that Dave Chapelle skit, it’s because it is a similar concept, only this is based on a true story. Ron Stallworth, played expertly by John David Washington, tricks the KKK into letting him sign up over the phone. When it’s time to meet in person, he must get his white partner to portray him. Adam Driver plays Ron’s partner Flip. He meets with the KKK and the detectives uncover a secret plot to blow up a rally.

Spike Lee has done a fantastic job with this film. The story itself is pure entertainment and in today’s political climate it has a pretty pointed message. However, because it is a Spike Lee movie, that message is hammered home really hard, but that still doesn’t detract from the film overall.

The political commentary is there, but it leads to perhaps the most ingenious casting ever with Topher Grace as Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. The phone conversations between David Duke and Ron Stallworth are worth the price of admission alone.

We here at Whose Review give Blackkklansman the overall score of Film Power. This is one of Spike Lee’s best films in a long time where he shows why he’s one of this generations’ most daring filmmakers. The topics addressed beneath the films’ comedic surface are hot button issues and they will surely cause controversies, but in the end, Spike Lee has still crafted an outrageously engaging story that has the power to enlighten and to entertain.

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