A Simple Favor – Multiple Personality Review

A Simple Favor is the screen adaption of a novel of the same name written by Darcey Bell. The screen version pairs Anna Kendrick with Blake Lively in a suspenseful movie where right off the bat the audience is shown that Emily, played by Blake, is missing. The entire movie is a “what happened to her?” where the filmmakers nonchalantly insert a plethora of plausible scenarios that could possibly happen. Anna Kendrick plays the comedic relief at times, but both her and Blake Lively do an excellent job bringing the audience on board to their story. While the two lead actresses are fantastic, the rest of the cast is pointless. Every other character was stereotypical and the acting felt forced and unnatural.

This was a very interesting movie that cut right to the chase. Within the first two minutes of the movie the audience is thrust into a missing person’s case that is the basis of the entire film. However, once the mystery is solved, it becomes a giant disappointment. after such a great overall movie, the ending definitely could have been executed in a better manner.

Whose Review gives A Simple Favor the overall rating of Wha? Huh? Why? While there are a million outcomes and twists this movie could have gone with, the one it settled on will leave audiences feeling let down. When all is said and done, the ending is not exciting. It will leave the audience questioning their movie going choices.

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