Halloween follows the same timeline of the franchise focusing on grandma Jaime Lee Curtis, who is viewed as mentally ill by her family after she has done everything in her power to prep her and her family for if/when Michael breaks out of prison. And of course Michael breaks out, proving her right all along.


A Star is Born is a musical drama about a famous rock star that discovers a talented singer that he falls in love with. Her career skyrockets and his goes down in flames. The film is a remake of a remake of a remake: remake-ception. It’s closest to the 1976 version starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kirstofferson.


Smallfoot is a clever animated film about a village of Yetis that discover humans exist, and they call them “Smallfoot.” The concept is very clever, however, it resorts to standard animated clichés a few times too many, which drops it down from a great movie to a decent one. The laughs started right away with the introduction of Migo, voiced by Channing Tatum, and his dad Dorgle, voiced by Danny Devito. Their job is to bang the gong to wake up the sun every day. Only they don’t do it with a mallet, they use a giant crossbow to shoot themselves, headfirst into the gong. This craziness helps to establish early that the village of Yetis have a lot of strange beliefs, that will remind audiences of ancient religions like the Egyptians or Aztecs.


The House with a Clock in its Walls is the new children’s spooky comedy by Eli Roth. Yes, the same Eli Roth that’s mostly known for the Hostel movies. This film, starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, is a PG children’s movie, but it still has moments of thrills that Roth is known for. The film tells the story of an orphaned boy named Lewis that goes to live with his Uncle Jonathan, who he soon realizes is a Warlock, or boy witch as the characters call themselves. Immediately, there are a lot of parallels to Harry Potter. Lewis is taught magic in a similar way, he’s an outcast in the real world in a similar way, he has to overcome the death of his parents in a similar way. Unlike the Harry Potter books and movies, this one doesn’t feel as cohesive and well thought out. It’s as if the filmmakers were copying Harry Potter, but they forgot some of the most important scenes.


A Simple Favor is the screen adaption of a novel of the same name written by Darcey Bell. The screen version pairs Anna Kendrick with Blake Lively in a suspenseful movie where right off the bat the audience is shown that Emily, played by Blake, is missing. The entire movieContinue Reading


“Get to the choppa!” It’s a classic line from the original Predator. So of course the filmmakers made a callback to it in this newest version and it represents exactly what this movie is… a nostalgia ripoff. Nothing in The Predator made sense. In fact, at one point one character literally explains the plot to another character in order to help the audience understand what is happening. It’s obvious to anyone watching that no one involved in this project wanted to make this movie. There are several scenes when the characters meta-reference the title of the movie not making sense. Saying the creatures aren’t predators, they are hunters. Insulting the movie’s title and the audience for enjoying said title.


Peppermint is a revenge/action movie starring Jennifer Gardner as Riley North, a woman whose husband and daughter are brutally gunned down by gang members for very superficial reasons. Riley goes to court when the gang members are caught, but a corrupt system let’s them free. Riley then disappears for five years before coming back to seek her revenge. It’s the same cliché revenge storyline that’s most memorable from The Punish comics and movies and most recently, 2018’s Death Wish starring Bruce Willis.


The Nun is a prequel to the Conjuring franchise. They’ve already toyed with prequels before when releasing Annabelle and last year’s Annabelle: Creation. However, chronologically, the Nun takes place first. Audiences should be familiar with this demon from The Conjuring 2 as it was the main protagonist, villain, spirit, bad guy, demon, whatever the filmmakers are calling it this week.


Operation Finale tells the true story of a team of Israeli agents that go to Argentina to track down Adolf Eichmann, one of the Nazi architects of the final solution. There are some great moments of suspense in the film, starting with the opening sequence showing Oscar Isaac, who plays Peter, tracking down a Nazi in Austria and leading all the way to the ending with getting Eichmann out of Argentina.


Searching is a mystery thriller that takes place entirely on computer screens. David, played excellently by John Cho, frantically searches computers and the internet for his missing daughter Margot. The film falls into a new category called “desktop movies.” All of the film takes place on a computer screen, which is usually used for horror films like Unfriended.


Marky Mark is back for this adrenaline rush of a movie. Mile 22 is about an American intelligence officer, played by Mark Wahlberg, who must smuggle a mysterious police officer out of the country with the help of his elite squad. The small squad has to get the police officer to an airplane that is a 22 mile drive away while everyone and their mom is trying to kill him. supposedly, once he gets on the plane, he will give a code needed to locate incredibly powerful, Hiroshima level explosive powder material. The squad also includes some other familiar faces, including Ronda Rousey and The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan.