Siesta Key, CeviChela

Siesta Key, CeviChela: Home of “The Sushi of Tomorrow”

If you are unfamiliar with ceviche, I urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and head down to Siesta Key immediately. CeviChela has only been open for less than a month and already this new spot is packing a line out of the door. The new restaurant is the latest endeavor by Chef Darwin Santa Maria. He is known for being masterful in his Peruvian cuisine and CeviChela proves to be no different.

Ceviche is a dish hailing from South America that typically consists of raw fish that has been marinated in citrus juice. At CeviChela, you can design your own creation by choosing the type of fish, the sauce accompanying it, as well as the way it is served. I took the suggestion of the helpful staff behind the counter and ended up with the Ceviche Solo featuring a Costa Rican whitefish served in Tiger’s Milk Sauce. It was everything that I look for in ceviche…heavily doused in citrus juice with slices of raw red onion and jalapeno, but this time I was very pleasantly surprised with the addition of corn on the cob, a chunk of chilled sweet potato and lime‐spiced pop corn. Ceviche is traditionally served as more of an appetizer, but these portions definitely eat like a meal. If you are looking for something other than ceviche, there are also tacos, stir‐fry, salads and a handful of Chef’s Specials on the menu.

Siesta Key Restaurant

The hidden gem of the restaurant is found in its local Craft Beer selection. The moment you walk in, you are introduced to the cooler full of canned beers from some of our best local breweries. Featured are Big Top Brewing Company, Motorworks Brewing, JDub’s Brewing Company and Cigar City Brewing, just to name a few. You will certainly be able to expertly pair your dinner with any of these top‐notch choices.

CeviChela is located in Siesta Key Village, so it perfectly fits the atmosphere that you would hope for while you enjoy your fresh fish. Featuring live music, bubbly staff and lots of locals, it has a neighborhood feel with international flair.

CeviChela is located at 5110 Ocean Boulevard in Village Plaza on Siesta Key, and is open daily from 5pm to 10pm. Also, be sure to check out Cevichill every Wednesday featuring $2 Craft Beer Cans and a Late Night Menu. 

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CeviChela:, Siesta Key

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