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No Smoking

No Smoking at Sarasota County Parks and Beaches

There’s some news about smoking in Sarasota County parks and beaches that you should know about.

About a year ago, the City of Sarasota decided to kick smoking to the curb at their beaches and parks. But county beaches, like the famous one at Siesta Key, were still fair game for smokers. Well, not anymore! Starting from October 1st, smoking is a no-go in all Sarasota County parks and beaches.

The Sarasota County Commission got together and gave the thumbs up for a new rule. They voted 4-1 back in July to make it happen. This rule bans smoking in all sorts of county-owned spots, including beaches, beach access points, parks, natural areas, and even places where kids play sports.

They’re also getting the word out, quite literally. They’re updating the signs in the parks to make sure everyone knows the deal. And they’re launching a big campaign to spread the word to both locals and visitors.

So, why the fuss? Well, the new rule talks about how tossing cigarette butts on the ground is bad news. Not only do they make the place look messy, but they can also harm people and wildlife. Imagine getting a nasty burn from a cigarette butt or even accidentally munching on one – not cool, right? It’s also a bummer for the environment and ruins the beachy vibe we all love.

Now, if you’re caught puffing away where you shouldn’t be, you might have to cough up $74.50, plus some extra costs if they decide to throw the book at you. But don’t worry, they’re giving everyone a heads up before they start playing the smoking police.

So, remember, folks, if you’re planning to hit up the parks or beaches in Sarasota County, leave those cigarettes at home. It’s all about keeping the place clean, safe, and enjoyable for everyone. Happy beach days ahead!

For a full list of Sarasota County-owned beaches and parks, click here. For a full list of city-owned parks and beaches, click here. On both city and county properties, unfiltered cigars are still allowed.

Photo from Deposit Photos

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