Your Time, Your Choice

Your Time, Your Choice

In this fast-paced world where family, work and play collide we find ourselves desperately seeking more time to get things done while still being able to enjoy our lives. I often feel like the juggler at the circus – don’t drop the ball because they are all watching! I can honestly say that it sometimes sucks.

Here are a few tips and tricks I use to help manage my time and maintain my sanity.

The whats and whys
When I have a host of things to do I always step back and prioritize based on what’s most important. The trick is to know the WHY behind each importance. Determining what’s important is a catch 22 when they all feel important. Looking at each task and asking yourself why it is important gives clarity when determining what’s next on the list. If the why doesn’t get me closer to a goal or serve me as a person, it finds itself lower on the list.


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