Jennifer Adams, Tune In To Life

What The Hell Is A Life Coach?

Five months ago, I would have asked the same question. I know about baseball coaches, football coaches, basketball coaches, swimming coaches… get what I mean. But, a “Life Coach?” I had no idea. Well, now I do.

In April, I was put in contact with a really nice professional lady, Jennifer Adams. How that happened is another story. It will be a 3 part series in the Sarasota Post!  My very first conversation blew me out of the water. Jenn had me eating out of her hand right on the phone. Now, those of you who know me know that I am a “take charge kind of guy!” Jenn listens, listens some more and some more and then takes over and puts a whole new perspective on what is really going on in my head. And, there is a lot going on!

Five months later! …………..

Today is a very special day for Jennifer Adams and “Tune In To Life!” It is the launch day for her new website. Check out Jenn’s articles under “Tune In” on the Sarasota Post, and check out her awesome new website, .

Give Jenn a call, or email her. The first meeting is free, because she “believes in you.” You will love working with an absolutely awesome lady, Jennifer Adams, Life Coach at Tune In To Life.

And, Jenn is now my full time “Life Coach.”

Thank you so much, Jennifer Adams.  It is a pleasure to know you.

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