What’s in the Why?

What’s in the Why?

How many times have you set your mind to buying something and worked with reckless abandon to get it? Diligently obsessing over this new car, electronic device, clothes, shoes or something of the like. I am willing to bet that you got what you wanted.

The irony is not lost on me that so many of us will find reasons and ways to get things to come INto our lives far more that we would to make a change withIN our lives. I get it! It’s easy to find things to make us happy on the outside. A new shiny band-aid is what I lovingly refer to these material things. Like a drug, we desperately seek something to make us feel good, worthy, beautiful; however, they wear off like a drug. Then we are left holding the same need that we had when we started. Sounds exhausting if you ask me.


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