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Tune In To Life

“What? Your training to be a Life Coach ?”

Let me explain…..

If I had a dollar for every time someone got squeamish when I announced that I was training to be a Life Coach, well – I would have some nice fancy shoes and that purse I fell in love with. What is it that “spooks” people when the words “Life Coach” are uttered? Admittedly, I did the same. I thought to myself, “Oh wow, here it comes! Spirituality, Meditation, Self-Love, yada yada yada”  


Everyone, and I mean everyone, has hit a road block in their life. When I say road block, I mean when you look at a situation or yourself in the mirror and say, NOW WHAT?! My baby is leaving for college, my husband wants a divorce, I hate my job, my loved one has cancer – these are the proverbial road blocks I speak of. Admit it, we have all been there! Myself included;  which is what lead me down then curios road of Self-Development and Coaching. I read books and blogs, watched videos and subscribed to an obscene amount of email newsletters.

What I learned is that none of these had the “answer”.

Boy was I frustrated! I mean, if I had the “answer” then why would I have spent all this time reading, listening and watching?  Despite the frustration, like a drug, it had me curious for more. So I dug a little deeper and committed to learning more about this practice of coaching.

So, what is Life Coaching?  Stay tuned … and we will Tune In To Life, together!

Jennifer Adams
About Jennifer Adams:

Heal, fuel, feed, repeat…

Here I am taking the journey from corporate life to purpose life. I have climbed the ladder of life in parenting, work and self-development. What once was a woman who lived the “should” life, I became inspired to live the purposeful life. Always finding myself being the one people called for help or answers, I decided to pursue a career in it. With a suitcase of wisdom and carry-on of wit, I am traveling to the land of passion. I rock at bringing out the inner awesome in others. It was always there in various stages and capacities but I pushed it aside to do what I was “supposed” to do. The gates have opened and I am off…to chase the dream of breaking down the walls and limiting beliefs that keep others from truly showing up for this thing called life. 

A little background about me
From single mom at 18 to Vice President of a Corporation at 38. I spent 20 years healing, fueling, and feeding. I dropped out of high school 2 months before graduation, pregnant, and got my GED. I went to work full time at various jobs always working to make ends meet. I have what I like to call a “Custom College Degree.” I took more classes than what it took to get a degree, just not in the traditional curriculum determined by the schools. I have accounting, business and information technology education that I needed to get the job done, do it well and move up. It worked! I am now married with two awesome kids and I have no regrets. I love working out and living a healthy life style. My dream is to have a log house on the water with tons of property for flowers, vegetables and English Bulldogs and you know what, I WILL have it!      Stay Tuned….

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