Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand, what would be different?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all given a magic wand to use at our disposal. We would make all our wants appear before us, never work a day in our lives, have unlimited means to travel the world and so much more. Oh, the dream life we could create on a whim with the tap of a magic wand.

Then reality slaps us upside our heads and says, “GET REAL”! Dream over!


Jennifer AdamsA little background about me…
From single mom at 18 to Vice President of a Corporation at 38, I spent 20 years healing, fueling, and feeding. I dropped out of high school 2 months before graduation, pregnant, and got my GED. I went to work full time at various jobs always working to make ends meet. I have what I like to call a “Custom College Degree.” I took more classes than what it took to get a degree, just not in the traditional curriculum determined by the schools. I have accounting, business and information technology education that I needed to get the job done, do it well and move up. It worked! I am now married with two awesome kids and I have no regrets. I love working out and living a healthy life style. My dream is to have a log house on the water with tons of property for flowers, vegetables and English Bulldogs and you know what, I WILL have it!      Stay Tuned….

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