I found what I was looking for

I found what I was looking for

When you decided you wanted a particular car, you see it EVERYWHERE!
Because you spent so much time deciding on that make and model, your mind is focused on just that.  

Similar in life, your choices can be made by what you choose to focus on and look for.

This is so important to be aware of and notice. When you choose to see a situation a certain way, you will go looking for evidence to validate your reasoning. That evidence will start piling up because you are looking for it in a certain mind set – If its positive, you will find the positive. If its negative, you will find the negative.


Tune In To Life with Jennifer AdamsA little background about me…
From single mom at 18 to Vice President of a Corporation at 38, I spent 20 years healing, fueling, and feeding. I dropped out of high school 2 months before graduation, pregnant, and got my GED. I went to work full time at various jobs always working to make ends meet. I have what I like to call a “Custom College Degree.” I took more classes than what it took to get a degree, just not in the traditional curriculum determined by the schools. I have accounting, business and information technology education that I needed to get the job done, do it well and move up. It worked! I am now married with two awesome kids and I have no regrets. I love working out and living a healthy life style. My dream is to have a log house on the water with tons of property for flowers, vegetables and English Bulldogs and you know what, I WILL have it!      Stay Tuned….

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Jennifer Adams, Tune In To Life

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