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Five Apss You Can't Be Without

Five Apps You Can’t Be Without

| Sande Caplin |

In today’s digital age, it seems we can’t leave the house now without a smartphone or tablet just to get us through the day. In 2014, more than half the population in the USA had access to a smartphone – a worrying and fascinating statistic – and it’s largely thanks to the plethora of apps available that we have come to depend on them.

Today’s apps can do just about everything, from keeping you regularly updated on the latest sports scores to helping you get around. One app that is absolutely essential to the first time smartphone or tablet user is the Around Me app. If you’re prone to getting a little lost or just need at ATM, gas station or somewhere to get something to eat, you can simply type in your request, and Around Me will locate you using your phone’s GPS software, before giving you directions to whatever it is you need.

Once you’ve established where you need to go, you can’t go wrong with an app to keep you updated on bus and train timetables. Apps like Bus Checker have access to information on more than 15,000 apps bus stops, giving you countdowns and real time arrival information from each individual bus.Akron Monitoring Specialists

Fancy getting there on your feet? In today’s runaround world it can be hard to take care of ourselves, but there’s a handy app out there for every type of fitness freak, helping you to monitor your calories, mileage and exercise. If you’ve got no time to exercise, you can always try Hot5, which gives you suggestions for five minute workouts from yoga to abdominal training. Alternatively, you can keep tabs on just how many calories you’re burning in your day to day life with Argus, which negates the need for a pedometer. This handy app will not only keep you abreast of weather conditions, but you can also program your steps or cycle mileage into it with ease.

Finally, while the Filofax will soon be a relic in museums, there are ways of keeping your life in check without having to resort to pen and paper. Wunderlist features to-do lists that can help you prioritize your daily tasks, and what’s more, you can also use it to sync with your friends and family, so you’ll be able to better organize your life and plan your day around those you care about most.

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