Lessons Learned Climbing Mount Fuji


Growing up, my family did not have much, certainly not the resources for travel. I trace my love of adventure to my childhood. Books fueled many of my experiences to faraway lands and developed creativity by fostering my imagination.

Allegiant Air offering cheap flights to SRQ


There’s a new path to paradise from the Midwest with Allegiant Air’s partnership with the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

On Tuesday, Allegiant announced Sarasota-Bradenton will offer year-round service to Indianapolis International Airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, and Pittsburgh International Airport. Starting in April, this ultra-budget airline will offer cheap, direct flights to these locations that will bring in a lot more visitors to the small local airport and a lot more tourists from the Midwest to the area.

Snowbird-Watching: Making The Move To Florida


It’s becoming more and more obvious that snowbird season is upon us across Florida, and not just because the variety of license plates on your route home say so. Here on the Gulf Coast in particular, traffic is slowing, waitlists are lengthening, and beaches are bustling. Before you roll your eyes, let’s try to find out more about these Florida enthusiasts.