Plans Underway for a new Twinkle Rock Soul Radio Website


Twinkle Yochim, Tony LeClerc, Lenny Brooks and Benny Puckett have some really great news.  All four are members of the rock group “Twinkle Rock Soul Radio”.  They are pleased to announce that they are putting together material for a brand-new website!

Musicians helping Musicians the Suncoast Way!


A charity event to help to local SRQ musicians whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Irma was rockin’ at Kelly’s Live at Sarasota Skybar on Sunday! Four great hometown bands played and raised over $2,000.00!

Mack Doss Sr. and Bob Slicker


Mack Doss Sr.. asked that we share his Facebook comments on The Sarasota Post.

I’ve had a wonderful career in music. I love it just as much now as I did when I was 14 years Old. I thought it was great being on a hit record, then in 2000 Bradenton Boys got together again & one of my best friends in life, Dickey Betts & yours truly was inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame, 10/20/2000 along with one of my idols the Great Bo Diddley, and another one of my Jacksonville Buddy’s Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd. We did the same show in Miami, Fl. in July of 2001.

Mack Doss Sr., What A Wonderful Man!


I got a chance to sit down one on one with Mack Doss Sr. last week.  He wanted to share some really cool stuff about his life, his music, family and friends.  As many of you know, Mack is going through a rather difficult time in his life.  On Sunday, June 4th from 12-5pm there will be a benefit show for Mack at the Swordfish Grill and Tiki in Cortez, FL.

Twinkify Your Year- Twinkle Rock Soul Radio European Tour


Are you feeling like 2017 is the year to live larger? At a time when people are trying to lose weight, downsize, and simplify, are you ready to blow the roof off the rafters and get the heck out of Dodge? Is this the time where the mundane expectancies of a year spent working rather than living have you longing for the holidays again so you can get the old endorphins going?

Tony LeClerc, My Favorite Record Album- Kiss Destroyer


I was twelve years old I think. I bought it with my own money. The artwork on the cover was like some kind of post-apocalyptic  kabuki horror movie poster.   The front cover shows the group striding on top of a pile of rubble, and a desolate background spotted with destroyed buildings, some of which are engulfed in flames. The back cover shows a similar scene, but with more buildings on fire. The front of the inner sleeve featured a large KISS logo and the lyrics to “Detroit Rock City”.

Twinkle Rock Soul Radio


Local Sarasota musician Twinkle and her band rocked the standing room crowd at Ace’s on Friday night! Bringing a mixture of cover tunes and original written music, Twinkle offers something for everyone. Her multi range vocal ability allows for a great variety of cover tunes. Channeling Zeppelin and as I heard a fan say to her during a break “You make Robert Plant proud!” From “The Ocean” to “Whole Lotta Love” Zep fans were lovin’ it. She and brother bassist Tony LeClerc, take occasional turns on vocals with Stones and Allman Brothers classics tunes.