They’ re back!  THE MAD BEACH MAFIA returns to The Daiquiri Shak Raw Bar & Grille Madeira Beach for the longest running open mic on the beach this Sunday 10/11/2020 8pm! They are going to try to get Open Mic rolling again…BUT there are going to be some restrictions/guidelines thatContinue Reading

The Story of The Mad Beach Mafia Rock Jam In Madeira Beach, FL


Every Sunday night without fail there is a stadium full of musical magic, joy and community packed into a beach side bar and grill in Florida. The Daiquiri Shak in Madeira Beach is home to the Legendary Mad Beach Mafia Open Mic: an amazing, all inclusive, all ages jam hosted by a supergroup of supportive career rockers and where…“All are welcome, children, all are welcome”, my voice rings out through the club every Sunday night (as a nod to Poltergeist, one of my favourite movies). “All of my material comes from the Cinema”…I say with regularity. Today I interviewed the great Jimmy DeLisi of the band Julliet to find out how it all started.