With 2020, we have learned to throw all expectations out the window as we ponder, “What is next?”  From a global pandemic to murder hornets, racial unrest and a divided country to an election that was not as cut and dried as some of us had wanted, this has beenContinue Reading


This Thanksgiving week feels VERY different than any other year, that’s clear. Maybe you can’t celebrate like you normally do because you’re choosing to avoid travel and social distance to help keep your family members safe. Maybe there are loved ones missing from your dinner table this year. Maybe youContinue Reading


Let’s face it… this whole year has been a bit of a turkey! Don’t let it ruin your Thanksgiving though. In fact, make it a Thanksgiving to remember by getting a little help from Mattison’s. Mattison’s is, once again, offering their Complete Thanksgiving Feasts To Go. They will also beContinue Reading


We all fondly remember past holidays with family and friends gathered around the Thanksgiving table or Christmas Tree. Some traveled to grandparents’ homes, some to visit close relatives or friends across the USA, but no matter where we went the reason was the same for us all, to be withContinue Reading


The third annual Florida Turkey Trot will be both an in-person run/walk and a virtual event. In its second year, this new Thanksgiving-morning tradition brought about 4,000 participants to the park for the third event of the Fit2Run/NBP Holiday Challenge. For 2020, there will be staggered starts both on ThanksgivingContinue Reading

Stop Griping, Suncoast. Be Grateful!


Each year, I look forward to writing a Thanksgiving article. Yes, it is an easy topic to fill up a blank page with words like “gratitude” and “meaningful living,” but, more importantly, I just love Thanksgiving.

Reclaiming the Holidays - Focusing On Gratitude and Family


Happy November! Can you believe it? Time is such a relative concept. When you’re young the gaps between hours in a day can seem cavernous, with no end in sight. Conversely, as we age, months take on a hurried pace and pages fly off of the calendar until alas, Thanksgiving and Christmas return. We’ve barely had time to miss them! In keeping with steadfast traditions that sorely include retail greed, merchants have been showing us their jingle bells and Santa mugs for months now. They slowly begin moving their Christmas swag from the back of the store to the front somewhere around Halloween. Then, the week of Halloween you’re not sure if you should shop for costumes or candy canes. It’s confusing, and also a little nauseating if you ask me.

Thankful Week: An Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not necessarily because of the reason why we first started celebrating (the more you learn about it, the less magical the First Thanksgiving seems) but because of what it means in our culture today. It’s a holiday in America that isn’t designated to a specific religion. It’s about gathering with loves ones – whether given or chosen family. And it’s heavily focused on consuming carbs in their various delicious forms.