Become An Explorer with the Cortez Passport


On May 16th, members of the media got a sneak peek at an exciting new initiative for the city of Cortez – The Cortez Passport. This cooperative neighborhood initiative was created by local Cortez merchants in support of the Florida Maritime Museum (FMM). Kristin Sweeting, Florida Maritime Museum Supervisor, believes this will introduce more people to this historic village-  learning about where it’s been and helping support where it’s going.

Shop Smart: 3 Tips For Responsible Gift-Giving


With the welcome of December, it is officially holiday season. No matter what you choose to celebrate it’s safe to say that the end of the year comes with an influx of expenses. With many Americans doing their biggest shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some people are already wrapping up their gift shopping for the year. However for most, this means it’s go-time for crossing items off their shopping list.

3 Reasons You’re Losing Business Without Even Realizing It


We live in a digital world. Gone are the days of flipping through a phonebook in hopes of finding a business and hearing about things from word-of-mouth is quickly becoming checking online reviews. It doesn’t matter if you think your business has nothing to do with the virtual world, it does because your consumers do.

Effective websites are no longer considered an accessory- they’re a necessity.