Vivian Kehrer, AKA Sarasota Sally, is the maven of popular dining and birthday clubs. Pre-COVID-19, Sarasota Sally diners were treated to weekly outings at local restaurants that were part of her restaurant network. Though on a hiatus now, Sarasota Sally looks forward to the time when friends will gather toContinue Reading

Dutch Valley Restaurant- Home of the Belgium Waffle


Sarasota Sally grew up in the New Jersey/New York area of the country and one of my favorite memories are the Great Diners that were abundant in that area so when I moved to Sarasota I looked for a diner and I found a fantastic place called Dutch Valley.

Surf Shack Coastal Kitchen- Great Restaurant at St. Armands Circle


Sarasota Sally has a fantastic member restaurant at 328 John Ringling Blvd just west of St. Armands Circle restaurant called the Surf Shack Coastal Kitchen. You can walk right off the street into a large open dining area and additional dog-friendly seating on the sidewalk out front.  We were drawn in by their house specialty $4 gourmet tacos.  We tried the Bangin’ Shrimp taco, the Bacon Cheeseburger taco, the Vegetarian taco and the Jerk Chicken tacos all of which were delicious and I made a promise to come back and try some of the many other Taco choices at another time.

Sarasota Sally



Her real name is Vivian Kehrer, but to most she’s known as Sarasota Sally. If she’s not dining at the dozen or more restaurants she helps to promote, she’s posting about restaurants on FB or going to the next locally owned restaurant to see if she can help them. And when she’s not doing that, she’s organizing food events or promoting celebrities like Mrs. Florida.  

Smiles For Children


By simply bringing a NEW stuffed toy for a little child with medical problems, you can be  a huge help to Sarasota Memorial Pediatric Ward and S.P.A.R.CC. Giving back to the community, Smiles for Children!  Sarasota, once again, will show the rest of the world how to give, how toContinue Reading

Vivian Keher


Better known to her friends as Vivian Kehrer. Vivian is the proprietor of Sarasota Sally, a Dining Club that is both fun and cool. You get to eat for free at select restaurants on your birthday and many people have met and started friendships through Sarasota Sally. If you are a Restaurateur, the benefits are fabulous. You continue to be advertised on their website and Facebook page with your menu and photos that will bring in many new patrons. Their restaurants gain between 100 to 175 new customers a month on average.