Five ways to virtually visit London without the need to travel


Traveling across the pond for a visit to the English capital is often considered a dream trip for Americans, but it can stretch the holiday budget and might be an adventure out of reach for many. If the dollars in your pocket can’t stretch to the transatlantic flights or the costly hotel prices, at least the internet can provide you with the next best thing.

Santa Claus is Making You Fat


Well, it’s here, the season of joy, giving, and hope. (hope you don’t pack on too many pounds eating those homemade buckeye’s.) Cookie bake-offs will have us donning cute aprons with pictures of svelte chefs on them. (all the while, we will be Lularolling waistbands down to allow for more stretch underneath.) You will spend hours shopping for just the right gift while enjoying a bite out with your friends. (who are we kidding, it’s going to be half of a pizza and a pint of beer.) Santa will be ho-ho-hoing (hold the veggies please, extra mayo on my foot-long sub) in the malls calling out to your little ones to spill the beans on their desired toys (skip the beans, let’s have some almond bark.) Finally, the festivities will culminate with an abundance of presents neatly wrapped with ribbons and bows. (Did someone say, “ribs and bowtie pasta?”) The New Year will bring an added sense of wonder (along with 10 pounds) and hope for what may come in 2018.