Whoever would have guessed that a pandemic would actually be a boost for the real estate industry?  Our office at the Coldwell Banker downtown Sarasota branch in December, had the biggest month ever! I’ve been contacted by a dozen friends up north about opportunities in Florida.  Sometimes I fit themContinue Reading


Usually, I write about real estate here on the Suncoast, but this month my column is going to be about a big commercial real estate project in Southwest Florida. I lived in Ft. Myers 30 years ago.  It was my first job as a TV news anchor, and life wasContinue Reading


Downtown Sarasota has certainly caught up in the hotel ‘game.’  Thousands of rooms added over the past decade.  Some are too hard (or expensive), some are too soft (North Trail)—but there is one that is just right.  The Embassy Suites occupies a nice niche, looming large (18 stories) on theContinue Reading


This month’s column on real estate will take a look at a new hotel in our area in an unprecedented area called the Compass Hotel on Anna Maria Sound. I’ve lived up and down the Gulf Coast for more than 30 years now.  I’ve been to all the islands—from MarcoContinue Reading


Every time I strap on a mask, I wonder how much longer we’ll have to do it.  How many times have you gone back to the car to retrieve a mask to go in a store? Even after this pandemic is over, I wonder if some people will still chooseContinue Reading


Decades ago before the internet, some realtors put a “For Sale” sign up on a lawn and waited for the phone to ring. These days, marketing a home is a never-ending project. And video marketing can show a potential buyer what is for sale. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter—add your favoriteContinue Reading


Some people are concerned about the local real estate market during the pandemic, but I think there are reasons for optimism. This is a dynamic situation. What does that mean? Simply put, a lot of people are re-evaluating their lives. Some people have been home staring at their four wallsContinue Reading


Happy to know that the “dimmer switch” on the economy will start to head in the right direction starting Monday. Certainly good news for restaurants, retail and those scheduling elective surgery. It won’t be 100%, but baby steps are at least underway. I’ve been spending my days like many ofContinue Reading