What’s On? The Suncoast This Week, 4/06 – 4/13


Every week we hope to entice you to go out and do something fun in the area. Maybe you’ll see something you never thought you’d try, but now you think you might! This area of Florida is filled with interesting things to do and see and experience.

There’s an Artist in all of Us-Painting with a Twist


Can I share a secret with you?  I know it won’t be much of a secret after this, but I feel like I need to say this before I tell you about my latest venture.  Ok, so here it is, I suck at art.  I can’t paint, draw or even decorate.  Seriously, my stick figures are almost unrecognizable. I can’t figure out spatial relationships and choosing colors, well just forget it.  I am not color blind but I guess I missed the class on what colors you mix to get other colors. For example, yellow and blue make green (that’s the only one I know).