Bradenton Musician Butch Castetter Releases New CD


Controls Engineer by day, rock star by night! You can see and hear Butch play around Manatee county. He can be seen at the Cortez Clam Factory on Tuesday night when they have their Clam Jam. You can hear and buy his music on his website anytime! Most people would consider Butch to be in the Americana genre of music. But he is an eclectic musician: he also plays Acoustic, Swamp Pop, R&B, Classic and Southern Rock, and Soul. He comes from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been influenced by midwestern music from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky.

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Syl Vee


Syl Vee was born in Detroit, but lived for a good long while in Canada, till 1982.  She grew up in a musical household.  In fact, her mother had won a scholarship to La Scala, so she heard a lot of classical opera and jazz, which was her father’s genre.  When I asked her what age she was when she began playing an instrument, she said she played piano on her grandmother’s knee at the age of 3. Syl got an early start on what turned out to be an exciting journey, both geographically and musically.

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