This Mother’s Day will certainly be different than any other! Many folks through-out our country are still in quarantine and the ones that are venturing out are wearing face masks, gloves and practicing social distancing. Quite a few states have “opened” and on Mother’s Day many restaurants will be servingContinue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day to All! The Scrapbook


Happy Mother’s Day!  I think of all the great mothers I am honored to know who are in different stages of mothering, from those experiencing the ultimate joy of holding your newborns in your arms to moms dropping their little girls off at college, to those in their ‘90s, still carrying the same worries for their “babies.” 

Happy Mother's Day


Life in the Boomer Lane doesn’t need Mother’s Day to think about her own mother. She does that, pretty much, all throughout the year. She lost her mother four decades ago, before her mother could have experienced the joy of grandchildren. LBL would have liked to have been the kind of person her mom was: selfless, loyal, uncomplaining, a great cook. Instead, she got other attributes, which she is still trying to figure out. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, she presents to you some of the differences between her mother (Mildred) and herself.