Mike "The Professor" Hensley


You know that feeling you get when a guitar rift, piano solo, or first chord of a song instantly takes you back to a moment in your life? There is nothing quite like it, void of words, yet telling a full story beginning to end. Many people feel that music is the universal language, preempting English as the most widely used form of communication. For Mike Hensley, music was his ticket to wholeness, an avenue to provide for his children as a single parent, and a way to truly connect to the world. His story is one of goal-setting, determination, and continuing to work hard to live the dream he had imagined for himself.

Lauren Mitchell & Michael Hensley


Lauren Mitchell and Michael the “Professor” Hensley in a Whole New Light…
by Laurie Mirkin

I was so enthralled and gratified to be sitting about 10 ft. away from Lauren Mitchell and Mike Hensley, (more respectfully known as “Mike the Professor”) who were playing at the Blue Rooster last night.  The atmosphere was perfect…from the sublime “low” lighting to the acoustics, perfect is the word that comes to mind.

We had a beer and some great fried green tomatoes and macaroni and cheese…good comfort food  prepared, as we used to say, “so well that it made you wanna slap yo’ mama”!  So the mix was great food, superlative entertainment, and an ambience that was so laid back and perfect that I felt like I was experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime moment.