Loveland Center recently received a grant from the James W. Wherritt Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. The grant will increase the organization’s essential services in North Port by 175%. Current Needs Loveland’s North Port program currently operates out of 975 square feet facility. With continued socialContinue Reading

Thunder By The Bay a Huge Success in Sarasota


Thunder By The Bay’s relocation to the Sarasota Fairgrounds, $5 gate admission, and a date change to mid-February proved to be very successful this year raising over $180,000 for Suncoast Charities for Children. This is the most money the event has ever raised for the charity which supports five local non-profit agencies in Sarasota County (Children First, The Florida Center, Loveland Center, The Haven, and Sarasota County Special Olympics).

Thunder By The Bay Is Back In Sarasota!


February in Sarasota brings a couple of time-honored experiences. First, amazing sunny yet cool and crisp days, each stretching out a tad longer so that those precious few moments of daylight before the sun disappears are like gifts. Then, just as we’re feeling like the luckiest people in the civilized world just by virtue of our zip codes, we are reminded that Sarasota also is a city of philanthropic, hard-rocking, motorcycle loving people. We love to support a great cause, make memories with friends, and enjoy a well-oiled event. Get ready Sarasota, because Thunder By The Bay is back.

Sarasota Powerboat Races Are Back! June 23 - July 4, 2018


Some events come around and you think, “that sounds fun,” but you go about your every day business and fail to nail down tickets, or friends who also want to attend.  Then there are those events that make you solidify your plans with one group text to friends who are always on board for this charity occasion, every year, like clockwork as it returns to Sarasota.  It’s not a one-day affair, but a week’s worth of activities that has your excitement level at its maximum peak.  A week’s worth of fun is just what you need to infuse your summer with an added blast of energy.  The HotelPlanner Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival has returned and is marking the heart of Summer with a firm exclamation point.

The House That Rock Built- LoveLand Center, What “Thunder By The Bay” is Really About


I recently made a visit to Loveland Center at the bequest of Tim Britt, a fantastic photog and community partner. Located in Venice, Florida, this facility is an innovative home for Special Needs people.  Tim wanted me to see Loveland because we, Rock Soul Radio, are playing “Thunder by The Bay” again, and this place, along with others, is what that day is all about.