Whenever someone thinks of Florida, the thought of the amazing seafood that is part of the cuisine here comes to mind. Do not be fooled, though. All fish may be created equal, how caught and prepared does matter. When looking for a sustainable, fresh from the water quality fish option,Continue Reading


Dear Joyland Friends and Family, It is with absolute and pure disbelief that I write this message. It is with love and thankfulness, but also with fire, fight, and a promise… As you all know, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting regulations have forced all bars and nightclubs to closeContinue Reading


With over thirty years of experience in the glass business, Roy Schneider brings the quality of beautiful glass to commercial and home projects. J&R Glass & Mirror runs the full gamut of projects from commercial external or internal glass to etched glass artwork. Years of experience have come together toContinue Reading

Become An Explorer with the Cortez Passport


On May 16th, members of the media got a sneak peek at an exciting new initiative for the city of Cortez – The Cortez Passport. This cooperative neighborhood initiative was created by local Cortez merchants in support of the Florida Maritime Museum (FMM). Kristin Sweeting, Florida Maritime Museum Supervisor, believes this will introduce more people to this historic village-  learning about where it’s been and helping support where it’s going.