Vicky Sullivan, Rock the Lens Photography


Go back about 2 years ago.  I asked Vicky to meet me for lunch.  I always enjoyed her photos and had an idea that would be mutually beneficial to both of us.  One of the things that we discussed was that whenever she shoots photos there was always another photographerContinue Reading

Savannah Brady


I am constantly surprised by people who approach me and say they know how to play an instrument, but never play outside of their homes. My first thought is usually, why hide your talent? Then, I considered maybe they just haven’t ever thought about playing anywhere, but home. With jams and open mics being the best things going in Sarasota and Bradenton, I want to encourage all of you closet musicians to get out of your houses and play.

Kara Nally


I had the pleasure of meeting Kara Nally for breakfast twice over the last 30 days at “First Watch” on Main Street in Sarasota.  Both times, Kara was stylishly late!  I have come to learn that is Kara being Kara!  It didn’t bother me…’s Florida and no one is chasing me!  Kara never stops talking- she has so much to share.  She is a bundle of enthusiasm.  Kara was born in Weymouth, Mass and also lived in Norwalk, Mass.  She went to the same high school as Susan Tedeschi……different years!  Kara started singing Mariah Carey songs when she was in the first grade.  She has played with many different bands since the age of 14.  She always sang in the chorus in her high school years.  She proudly told me that one of her uncle’s performed on “Broadway” in New York City.

Ladies Sing The Blues Group Photo


Ladies Sing the Blues at Primo Ristorante!

Magical, exhilarating, humbling…..these are just a few of the words that come to my mind after attending “Ladies Sing the Blues” last night at Primo Ristorante.  The singers and performers were a “who’s who” of lady blues singers in our area.  Karen Greenley, Lani “C,” Savannah Brady (14 & the newest lady!), Meredith Garofalo, Gwen Fogt, Christine Berstling, Rebecca Bird, Karyn Denham, Lauren Mitchell, Carolyn Davis, Melanie Massell, Kara Nally, Syl Vee, Sudie Brattli, K Sue, Professor Michael Hensley & Musical Director, Steve Arvey put on a show that won’t be forgotten!


Tuesday, March 26th @6pm. Primo Ristorante! $20.00 Donation (ALL Proceeds to to the Amercian Business Woman’s Association…….Karen Greenley, Lani “C,” Savannah Brady, Meredith Garofalo, Gwen Fogt, Christine Berstling, Rebecca Byrd, Karyn Denham, Lauren Mitchell, Carolyn Davis, Melanie Massell, Kara Nally, Syl Vee, Sudie Brattli, KSue, Professor Michael Hensley & MusicalContinue Reading