Matters of the Heart - Bags To Beds In Sarasota, FL


Once a year, area social service agencies attempt to collect a head count for the area’s homeless population. It is called the “point-in-time” survey and it attempts to quantify the number of homeless on a given night during a winter-season month. In 2017 the number climbed to well over 1000 individuals within the city limits of Sarasota counted on that particular evening.

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Over 30% of America Earns $50K a Year or Less and Can't Cover Food, Housing


These are good people, working hard yet barely financially getting by. There are nonprofit programs that lend a little helping hand in so many ways!  A hand up, not a handout, that pays a month’s rent, mortgage or utility bill…so hard-working families aren’t forced to choose between food or the roof over their head. Programs for school supplies, low-cost summer camp or sports teams…so kids get opportunities to become strong productive adults. There are over 130,000 nonprofits, well-funded by money donated each year.

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