Billy Rice, Bob Slicker, Sande Caplin, Laura Bell Adams


As 2016 winds down, the folks at The Sarasota Post are thinking, “What a year!”  We’ve had the immense pleasure of bringing you the best that the area has to offer.  We’ve reviewed the most amazing restaurants, both new and old, bringing you tempting menus from venues all over town.  We’ve told you where you can catch good, old-fashioned, live music in a town that has long supported musicians and artists. 

Gail & Stretch Gerdes


The helpers are those who quietly do the legwork to bring about great rewards, usually to assist someone or some entity for which they ask nothing in return.  Generally, they aren’t the loudest people in the room and will keep busy at parties doing what they do best, which is helping.  Such is the case with Gail Grimm Gerdes, a prominent photographer in and around Sarasota who is in many ways a living example of how to achieve balance and harmony without forsaking excellence in your everyday life.