We lost a great one yesterday. I am so sad and heartbroken to announce that GoTonight.com founder, and a dear friend to so many, Don McKeon has passed away.   Our prayers and love go out to Don’s wonderful wife, Joni Luckenbill, and his entire family.  As Sheree Englehardt, Don’s businessContinue Reading

We Need to Show Some Love for GoTonight.com


Don McKeon’s dream started about 9 years ago. Anyone who knows Don, knows that he loves “live music” and will go just about anywhere to listen to bands and musicians in our area. That is why he started gotonight.com in 2009.


A reminder to all of the snow birds who just came back into town and to all of the locals who love live music….. the best website and Facebook page to find out where there is live music in our town is GoTonight.com.  There is no other newspaper, publication, magazine or website who has all of the information in one place.

Don McKeon


I love interviewing people because you never know how crazy their past was or how different it was from your pre-conceived notion. Don McKeon is the perfect example.  Ever a gentleman, well groomed and dapper, I honestly thought he was going to tell me he was a V.P. of a Fortune 500 Company, or a retired lawyer, or maybe even a politician.  So I was giggling inside when I was hearing him tell me that he’s done a myriad of interesting careers from owning a head shop to owning/managing upscale retail women’s wear shops.  I love it!